[FanFiction] When I Met That Kind of Person

I’ve told her not to go outside when it is late at night. But she never hear me. Now, look at her! Look what that organization did to her!

“I’m Han Gi Tak’ sister! You have to believe me!” she said a long time ago.

Well… Should I trust her? Someone said that she’s lying. She look like her brother. She knows everything about him. But, how can I know that she’s the real sister of my best friend?

“Choi Seung Jae, what are you thinking now? Are you okay?” Han Hong Nan asked me.

“Uhmm… Nothing! I just thinking about something,” I replied to her.

“What is it? You look not good. Look at that face!” she said.

“Oh…, nothing! I’m fine.”

Now, look at her. Someone punched her in the face. But she still worried about me. If I didn’t find her, maybe she already dead now. I know it must be hurt. But she didn’t want me to treat her. She did it by herself – put the medicine on her cheek and hand. I really want to help her.

‘Then, help her, stupid!!’ Suddenly a fairy appear in front of me. ‘Help her now or you’ll be regret it later!’

What?? Does the fairy talk to me? What kind of world is it? Is that real?

‘Yeah, I’m real! Go help her now! And don’t forget to tell her how your feeling is!’ said the fairy.

I can believe it. But, I do what the fairy said.

“Hey, what are you doing? Put it down!” Hong Nan said to me when I take her medicine.

“I’ll help you, Hong Nan. Just be quiet and let me do this for you.”

At first, she didn’t want to do it. But, I didn’t want to give the medicine to her. Ah, that kind of stubborn woman… Please be nice!

“Okay… Do it!” she said then after a very long time arguments.

Yes! This is the show time! I do what I can do. Cure her! Heart and body… Mind and soul… But…
Oh my gosh! I can do it right! I made everything in a mess. Oh, no!!

“Nah… nah… you make a mess, Seung Jae! That’s why I don’t want you to help me! Just look at what I do. Sit there and wait, okay?” she said.

“I’m sorry, Hong Nan. I really want to help you. But…”

“You already helped me. Remember? You took me here, to the safe place. Put me on your back and walked for a couple kilometers. I really appreciate it, Seung Jae! Thank you so much!”

“Ah, you make me… uhmmm… blushing. Hahahaha.”

“Yeah, I know. And… I know that you like me.”

What??? How can …?

“Hahaha, now look at your face! You look like a boiled shrimp!”

“Now you laugh at me, huh? That’s good! You funny-stubborn-beautiful princess!”

“Eh… Do you want to know something?”

“What is it?”

“I… like you, too, Choi Seung Jae!”

*blushing* *speechless*

Han Hong Nan and Choi Seung Jae. Picture taken from tumblr.

In response to Daily Prompt from The Daily Post: Stubborn. This Fanfiction was made according to Korean Drama: Please Come Back Mister.


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