EF #28 – Don’t Say Goodbye

My dearest friend… Today is the last day you stay in this town Tomorrow you will go to other country I’m so sad that you’re leaving I wish you could stay here But I must not be selfish You have to continue your study You have to go to college and reach your dream Well,Continue reading “EF #28 – Don’t Say Goodbye”

EF #27 – Do Not Litter, Please!

Look at these pictures I got from Thinking Humanity: When I saw these pictures, I feel sad. Why is the people so easy to throw the rubbish anywhere and do not think about other living things? On the street, there are so many people throw the rubbish on the road. When they are in theContinue reading “EF #27 – Do Not Litter, Please!”

EF#23 : Let’s Have A Trip to Hometown

It almost holiday, the Lebaran Day. For some people it means mudik is coming. Mudik is a trip to hometown. People usually back to their hometown on Eid Mubarok Day (Lebaran Day) because there will be a long holiday. This are the things I usually do when I have a trip to another city: 1.Continue reading “EF#23 : Let’s Have A Trip to Hometown”

EF#22 – Suban Waterfall

This is Suban Waterfall. It’s a nice place in Curup, Bengkulu. It takes about 10 hours to go there from Palembang. It was the first time I saw waterfall. Me and my friends walked to a high place. Until some point we stopped and saw a beautiful scenery. Curup is a nice place. The weatherContinue reading “EF#22 – Suban Waterfall”